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2018 - 80th Year


MCC Botany Alumni
1938 - 2018 [80 YEARS]

14 February 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Alumni

Greetings from the Department of Botany/Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology.

We are organizing a national symposium on the 22nd and the 23rd of February 2018 to mark the completion of 80 years of excellent service by the Department. Discussing this with some of the former students, it was proposed to organize an alumni meet on the 24th of February 2018. The participation of many of our retired staff in the symposium would auger well that this special alumni meet is conducted in the 80th year of the Department. 

A working committee to organize the Octogintenneal Celebrations Alumni Meet has been formed to usher in the activities. This is with an understanding that a committee for organized Alumni would be formed in due course.

The committee plan to have the following events on 24th February 2018.

a) Thanks giving service for our former Professor Late. Dr. Crispin Devadas.

b)     Felicitate all our retired staff.

c)   Bring out a souvenir to mark the Octogintenneal Celebrations of the Department (Participation and contribution from people across the years)

To make the event memorable to all we have taken efforts to specially invite all the retired staff of our Department to be part of the event and have interaction with students of over five decades. WhatsApp and Telegram groups apart from other social media connects are being extensively used to communicate to all the alumni. I hereby solicit your kind self also to connect and enable us to converge the alumni together despite the short time we have and make this program a cherishable one.

Enrolment for Octogintenneal Celebration Alumni meet can be made through https://goo.gl/p1juuW. I am happy to bring to your notice  that a few sponsors have come forward to support the entire expences for lunch and coffee. Your enrolment here would enable organizers to come up with proper planning - especially food.   

A detailed schedule of program would be provided in this page shortly for your reference.

Feel free to get back to anyone of us, in case you need clarification or would like to give suggestions. 

We also request you to enrol yourself as the Department Alumni via http://mccbotbio.yolasite.com/alumni00.php

Anticipating your participation with lots of enthusiasm.


Yours sincerely


G.A.I. Ebenezer

The members of the present organizing committee are.


Dr. G. A. I. Ebenezer (1980 - 1997)

9444193372;  ebenezer.gai@gmail.com            


Mr. Benjamin Samuel (1977 - 1980)

          9600867589;  amosbernice@yahoo.com


Mr. Anbarasu (1976 -1981)  

          9962265915;  anbarasu.subramanyam@gmail.com  

Executive Committee Member:               

Mr. G. Kumar (1986 - 1991) – Former CUS Chairman



Mr. N. Biju Paul Samuel (1988 - 1991)



Publicity Conveners:                    

Dr. Vijay Regunatha Subbiah (1981 - 1996)

98401 20267 / 98401 32541;  vijaysubbiah@gmail.com


Mr. Solomon Raja (1990 -1993)

          7299060456;  solomonjeba@gmail.com

Souvenir Convener:                     

Dr. Rani Govindarajan (1978 - 1980)

                            9444308927;   ranvenshree@gmail.com


Group photo of alumni meet 2010
Picture taken on
18th December 2010 at Botany Department, Madras Christian College.


+91 44 22391977

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